October 18, 2021

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Chris Farnell Charlton’s Donation And His Contribution

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Chris Farnell Charlton is a leading lawyer of the sports clubs. He has worked for several famous clubs and players. He has also worked for Salford Reds RLFC and test cricketers. As a teenager, he also played for Blackburn Rovers along with David May and Jason Wilcox.

The donation

Lawyer Chris Farnell Charlton made a donation of £ 1,500 to his old team Manchester Boys. It is a breeding ground for many talented young footballers. The struggling team got a lot of support and help from this donation. It has helped them to bring up stars like Wes Brown.

His contribution

The manager of the team Dave Warburton is grateful for this contribution. It has helped them with the kids and other equipment that costs a lot every time they play a home game. It has also helped them to pay their fees and other expenses. This money would have otherwise come from their own pockets but it has been very generous for the lawyer to help them with such a good contribution. He also added that Manchester boys have been struggling to stay afloat and it has been generous for Chris Farnell Charlton to do whatever he did. He understands the boys and that is why he could generously help them.

Under-14 team

Previously Manchester Boys had their home pitch at Rushford Park in Levenshulme. It is said to be that the council decided to charge the club to use the ground which they had used for free for many years. Now the team of under-14 players has their home games in Newall Green. The team is functioning very well and it is providing football for the players under 14 and 15 years ago. They have produced the best two sides that they ever had.

Monetary help

The money will really help as it is going to be a good help to the team. But once the money is gone there is no annual income coming for them. There are also academies that help the football league club and the youngsters at Manchester boys. The working relationship with the clubs in the area is quite good. But there is a problem with the academies. They have a full day where players go out for training on a Saturday morning. This is what the team manager said after he got the news of the contribution from the lawyer Chris Farnell Charlton.

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