October 18, 2021

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Sports blogging is to keep readers updated with different games

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Blogging is all about sharing your own experience or hobby with people. I am an avid sports lover and love watching different sports, especially football, cricket, tennis and many more. My hobby and passion made me start writing about my favourite sports, and today I am working as a sports blogger. I don’t take writing blogs as a job, but it is all about sharing my routine and talk about sports with the world. Sports blogging has changed my life and encouraged many other people to start developing an interest in sports and share it with others.

Being a sports blogger has inspired me to learn the technicalities of a different sport. Initially, I was constrained to specific sports and teams, but with time mu interest got broader. Sports blogging made me a good writer, a narrator, and most importantly, evolved sportsman spirit. I come across readers who encourage me to take an interest in new sports and learn more about them.

Why do people follow sports bloggers?

I know it is challenging to get time to watch different sports especially live matches. So, I try hard to develop daily blogs that talk about the game, players, reviews, and other information. It has helped me connect with people looking for such information, and even readers share their thoughts through blogs.

Becoming a sports blogger not only helped me to grow but also helped me to broaden my thought process. Many people think that sports bloggers talk about a particular sport based on the match, but it is not valid. As a sports blogger, I give my time and try to narrate about sports in an easy language. I try to come up with topics that maintain the audience’s interest, and they wish to get something more about it.

How sports blogger makes me financially independent?

Initially, starting my sports blog was to talk about my favourite sports with people. But with passing time, people started following me and started giving feedback on my blogs. It inspired me to work a little more, and it helped me get a good fan base. 

Today there are many brands and sports organizations that look upon me as an influencer. My blogs are used not only to share information regarding sports but also to and promote different products and equipment’s mainly related to sports. Thus, Starting as a Sports Blogger helped me follow my hobby and passion and became financially independent.


I have grown as a Sports blogger and am still trying hard to broaden my thoughts to bring sports to the world. Sports blogging is about writing about some particular sports and making sure that it does not create controversy as everyone has an attachment to sports.

Today many sports bloggers are working as a critic, and it helps to give detailed information on different sports. My journey started with sharing my thoughts in the form of blogs, but soon it became my passion, and I am working ahead to become a good sports critic in the future.

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