September 19, 2021

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The pros of attending an overseas football academy

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If you’re dreaming of becoming a professional footballer, there are a lot of steps you can take towards achieving this goal. One of the biggest steps, and most important, is to attend a football academy. 

When it comes to football academies, it’s likely you’ve already researched local academies that will be easier for you to access. However, have you considered an overseas academy? They present a unique opportunity to develop your skills in a new environment and gain valuable experience to help further your career. 

ACFC Academy, an Alicante football Academy, has put together the pros of attending an overseas football academy: 

Professional Coaches

There are top coaches located all over the world, and attending an overseas football academy gives you the chance to learn new skills from these coaches. Top clubs import top managers from overseas all the time, so why not take yourself to these top coaches instead? 

Overseas Exposure 

Thanks to the academy system, many countries have developed a distinct brand of play. Take the English team, for example. English players are renowned for their physicality and aggression. Spanish teams, however, tend to focus on skills and tactics. Attending an overseas academy will give you exposure to these different coaching styles and allow you to develop a more rounded game and learn new skills in the process.

Pressured Environment

Being an overseas player, you’ll likely have to compete even harder to succeed due to the limited spots. Plus, being away from home forces you out of your comfort zone which will present a new kind of challenge. This pressured environment will not only test your skills but your resilience as well. Your ability to make it through this academy and succeed will go long towards your development as not only a footballer but as a person too. This is an excellent way to grow your confidence. 

Playing Resume

When applying for future academies, having an overseas academy on your resume will only make your profile stronger. Your diversity of experience will be seen as an asset and make you stand out against other applicants. 

Scouts will review your on field performance of course, but your playing resume will play a part in any decision making. Overseas experience shows a willingness to grow and learn which is essential to succeed in a professional environment. 

Meeting new People

Professional development aside, an overseas academy is a great way to see new players and make new friends. Travelling is a huge privilege, so why not use an overseas academy to do something you love while seeing the world at the same time? 

The friends you make will be friends for life and who knows, you might be playing either with or against them later down the line. 

Pack your bags

There are so many pros of attending an overseas football academy, so what are you waiting for? Do your research, find one that you think will benefit you most, and start applying now! 

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