September 19, 2021

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How Much do Golf Caddies Make?

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If you love being involved in golf and being on the course, a golf caddy can be an excellent job to consider. Being a golf caddy is even more exciting if you’re caddying on the professional levels with an incredible golf player. Since there are several levels you can caddy at, there are different earning tiers to consider. Maybe you’re wondering if these are golf careers you want to consider, and this is what this post will outline for you. 

Caddy Earnings – Country Club Level

Caddying at the local course very popular job for a host of junior golfers. A lot of public courses don’t currently have caddy programs, but you’ll find them in higher-end country clubs or on private courses. However, it’s not restricted to just junior golfers. Instead, it’s a solid start for anyone who wants to get their foot in the door with this golf career, regardless of their age.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to estimate your total earnings when you caddy at the country club level. This is due to the fact that most of your money will come strictly from tips. Some golfers will tip much more than others. The fixed-rate for this position is usually very low, and the goal is to make enough tips to make up for it. The average rate per hour is between $10 and $15. 

However, this rate can quickly start to climb if you can get into a caddy program at a high-end golf club. If you caddy for a wealthy country club, it’s not unusual for your hourly rate to jump between $50 and $75 an hour when you add your tips into your hourly wage. If you want to get your foot in the door for this industry, start calling your local golf clubs. Chances are, one will offer a caddy program that you can apply for. 

Caddy Earnings – LPGA Level

Once you manage to get up to the LPGA level by caddying, you’ll earn a weekly base salary that ranges right around $1,200. The problem with this figure is that a lot of your money will go toward travel and stay. If your player isn’t successful, it’s very easy to use all of your money and go into the red. 

However, when you reach the professional level, you’ll get a cut from the players’ winnings every week. It’s not public knowledge exactly how much caddies get of the winnings at this level. However, for the LPGA, it’s rumored that caddies can get between seven or eight percent of the players’ winnings each week. 

So, if your player does well, you could take home a decent amount of money. For example, say your player won a $300,000 purse. As her caddy, you’d get between $21,000 and $24,000. If your player was extremely successful during play, it’s easy to double your salary. However, this is just a small amount compared to what caddies can make when they reach the PGA level. 

Caddy Earnings – PGA Level

Just like caddies in the LPGA, PGA Tour caddies will get a weekly pay amount. For this level, you’ll expect to earn around $2,000 every week. It can fluctuate, though, because there is no hard rule that dictates how much they have to pay the caddies. You’ll also usually sign an agreement that outlines how much of the golfer’s winnings you get, and this can range from 5% to 10%. 

So, if you have a successful PGA Tour golfer, you could stand to earn a lot of money by caddying for them. If your golfer won $1,000,000 on the PGA Tour, this means that you’d get $100,000 if you had a more generous contract percentage. There are also reports that claim that some of the best caddies on the PGA Tour have made well into seven figures in the span of a year.

Getting a job as a golf caddy on this level can be a very lucrative career. As far as golf careers go, many people aim for this level and dedicate themselves to working up to it since your pay opportunity is so high. It can take years to get to this level, but the potential payoff is well worth it. 

A Golf Degree is a Solid Start to Your Golf Career

Getting a golf degree from a high-quality golf college is one way to help kickstart your career. Additionally, it can open doors for you to meet and get to know industry professionals. In turn, this allows you to network and advance your caddying career much quicker. 

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