September 19, 2021

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Horse Betting Tips: Why “The Numbers” Are More Accurate Than Any Pattern Handicapping

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The practice of placing bets is an antiquated one. But as men gained more sophisticated knowledge, bettors are not only relying on luck — they are devising strategies and utilizing innovative methods to turn the odds in their favor.

ACCURacing — founded by a betting expert and handicapper with over 30 years of experience — offers a betting guide that helps its users decide which horse/horses will give them the highest chances of winning. The ACCURacing Number is much more than pattern handicapping (or the process in which the abilities and characteristics of the competing subjects are offset to level their chances of winning). It provides an easy-to-understand means of getting insights from horses’ previous performances to help its users arrive at a sound betting decision.

The ACCURacing Advantage

Easy to use and competitively priced, The Numbers is a betting product that allows its users to increase their chances of winning. It is based on a rather simple mindset: Examining a horse’s past performance is the best predictor of its future performance.

ACCURacing is available in two formats. The first, the Original Race Card format is a grid format that showcases 14 months of racing history, with each race occupying one page. The second format is called The Extended Card — which gives users a more detailed view of a horse’s two years’ worth of history, tracks, dates, and track conditions.

Both formats are designed to give its users a tool to easily compare different horses’ performance on the race track. The Numbers also employs a proprietary variant calculation to adjust for any variables including ground loss and weight carried.

Another perk of patronizing this product is that it has its own time charts that further equalize all the tracks.

ACCURacing is All About Accuracy

Staying true to its name, Accuracing aims to offer a betting product that provides accurate insights that lead to accurate betting decisions. As it is quick to learn and navigate, a newbie in the field or a veteran who has recently switched products will find it a breeze to learn the basics of The Numbers.

After mastering its fundamentals, The Numbers can also be used to identify patterns that all the more help users to arrive at their best betting decision yet. These patterns include:

Marching. This strong pattern is an indication that a certain racing horse is getting better and better — as shown in how they regularly achieve new Bests race after race.

Circle Back. This refers to a pattern wherein a horse runs its Best and experiences a “slowdown” before hitting another Best and exhibiting improvement again.

Rest Then Best. This pattern happens when after a layoff, a racing horse experiences a resurgence in career and runs its Best a race or two after getting back in the game.

Want to know how the ACCURacing number is much more than the pattern handicapping — and how this product should be a must-download for bettors who want to increase or secure their chances of winning? Visit their website at

The ACCURacing Number is much more than pattern handicapping as it provides the most reliable and accurate insight which horse will win. Visit the ACCURacing website to know the best numbers to bet on!

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