November 30, 2021

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Play Golf Confidently

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A golf course turns, rolls and twists; it is hilly, has ponds and such intricacies making the game fun, bringing new depth levels to each shot along with different experiences. All the ups and downs, twists, and turns make it quite essential to have a solid and well-maintained cart path for every golf course.

The construction of a golf cart path is an important part in the overall design of a golf course. Although the layouts, landscaping and manicured and well-maintained greens are the primary attractions of a golf court, still the golf cart path is built for a significant purpose, facilitating the traffic of pedestrians throughout the course.

Importance of golf cart paths

Navigate the terrain

The primary goal of cart paths is to get the golfers across the course conveniently. Apparently, it may not look like that a cart path has to play any significant role in changing or supplementing the golfing experience. Now, you need to focus on concrete leveling and it brings in the positive aspects in real-time.

Protect the golf course

Golfers are familiar with the sign that says “cart path only”, but not everyone knows its purpose. Cart paths are responsible for protecting the course from golf carts and the risk increases if the course is wet or faces high traffic. Cart paths are valuable for protecting the golf course, maintaining balanced traffic in peak seasons, so every course must consider perfect concrete leveling of its cart path.

Considerations while performing golf cart path construction

The overall design

While considering the design of the golf cart, whether for a new golf course or adding a new path to an existing golf course, it should not be taken into account as a separate feature. It is very important that the path blends into the design of the course in total, working seamlessly with the topography by which the course is surrounded.

Another significant factor is the accessibility; the golf cart path must have wide curves as well as minimum sloping hills and valleys. In most cases, municipalities maintain regulations, dictating the width and least and the greatest number of slopes of the cart paths.

The base of the golf cart

The golf cart base always needs to be sufficiently firm for supporting the cart, the equipment, and also the golfers. Actually, the design of the path base often depends on sub-soil situations and also the structural equilibrium of those soils.

While constructing the golf cart path, it is quite crucial to consider the ranges and changes of varying temperatures, affecting the components of the path. If the materials are not capable of resisting the changes in temperature effectively, the path will definitely demand for repairs and maintenance frequently.

Proper drainage

Another vital consideration is to ensure that the cart path remains free from standing water and ponding. Though golfers usually do not golf or consider driving the golf cart path in rain, but still standing water is certainly not a good thing, it can damage the cart path’s integrity demanding repair at some point.

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