September 19, 2021

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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts For Better Gaming Experience

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What is a prime account?

The feature of Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s prime account was released in 2016 April as a way of improving the gamer’s experience and preventing fake accounts. A prime account enables prime status for users and comes with various exclusive benefits that other non-prime account users are not entitled to have access to. If a player wants to upgrade their usual accounts to prime accounts, they can buy CSGO prime accounts from different sources online or play and reach up to Level 21.

Benefits of prime account?

  1. Users with prime accounts get matched only with other prime account users. They can play Counter Strike Global Offensive in all modes with or against other prime status players.
  2. Accounts with prime status are also eligible for souvenir items, item drop and new weapon cases that are only limited to them.
  3. Since players with prime accounts are only paired with or against other prime account players, this ensures that only real and authentic players who earned their prime accounts or bought them play and not bogus accounts. 
  4. Playing CSGO with its prime account feature also helps in maximizing player’s gaming experience since they are put with or against other prime status members. 

How to get CSGO prime accounts:

From the above-mentioned details, it would have been cleared out by now that there are two ways of getting your hands-on Counter Strike Global Offensive’ prime accounts. 

  • Buying online: Various websites deal with selling CSGO prime accounts online. Many websites offer great deals at affordable prices for Counter Strike Global Offensive gamers. Buying a prime account is more time and energy-saving alternative. Moreover, players can start their game from a high rank with much more unique weapons, skins and other features.
  • Level up: Another way of getting Counter-Strike prime accounts is through winning and playing the game to maximize your EXP level. If the player manages to reach level 21 of the game, their account will automatically be updated to prime status. The players then have access to chests, coins, skins and unique weapons. Sometimes players lose their game’s progress due to some technical issues or other reasons, instead of starting all over again they can just buy a cheap prime account. 

Since earning EXP points to level up is not easy in this game and gamers need to play CSGO for innumerable hours, buying an affordable prime account is much more convenient and suitable.

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