November 30, 2021

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The NAU Lumberjacks: Increasing Opponents

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Attending college hoops, you will find over 300 teams that play Division I basketball. And, unlike football, all the teams are able to experience for that National Title in April. But like football, the majority of the national attention is offered towards the Big Six conferences. The interest is deserved it has been since that incredible 1990 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels team that somebody from the non-BCS conference won the nation’s title.

The line is much sharper in individuals Big Six conference games due to the huge amounts of information the general public has with regards to individuals teams. Trust me, it’s difficult to create a living beating the books by only playing major conference college basketball games. And when April comes around you will probably be searching in a short stack.

However, there’s lots of money to make by playing the mid-major conferences, especially a few of the more obscure ones. Should you search hard and research your options you are able to really obtain a significant edge on square bettors by just as one expert in a few of the lesser-known leagues. In the following paragraphs, we are going to try and shed some light on a part of the college basketball landscape that very few common bettors wander: the large Sky Conference. Especially we are likely to break lower one team in the Big Sky which has been filling scoreboards and stat sheets, the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks.

This team from Flagstaff, Arizona is among my personal favorite teams to experience on like a handicapper with Doc’s Sports. Within their 15 games this year they have scored over 90 points five occasions and also have cracked a lifetime mark on three occasions. The Lumberjacks performed a brutal non-conference schedule that incorporated games against Kansas, Arizona, Arizona Condition and UNLV. They really entered Tempe and beat their in-condition rivals, the sun’s rays Demons, on November. 13, 75-71. Also, they’re nearly unstoppable in the SkyDome, exactly the same building in which the NAU football team plays where the Arizona Cardinals host their training camp. The Lumberjacks happen to be beaten only once at SkyDome, losing to Weber Condition inside a game that NAU really brought at halftime.

As opposed to their difficult nonconference slate, the Lumberjacks have really been very fortunate using their Big Sky schedule. Their first four league games were both at home and at Doc’s we have had the ability to money in using the Jacks in three of individuals four contests. We have been a fan of them partly due to the fact their offense scores at this type of high rate that they are in a position to cover some monster figures. They play lots of guys – eight players average fifteen minutes per game – plus they like to wake up and lower a legal court.

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