November 30, 2021

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The Current Swing Action

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Available may be the chance to make the most of today’s most advanced technology which could evaluate the swinging of a golf club iron frame by frame, millimeter by millimeter & apply this contemporary wizardry to the golf swings!

Our contemporary golf industry comes with an infinite variety of hi-tech, quicker than a speeding bullet, space age equipment made to “break lower” the swings in our celebrity players. Because of these technocrats, that do everything & hands us the outcomes, we could cut and paste the data straight to our very own golf swings! Merely a Neanderthal would dig a swing action from the dirt such as the outdated “old timers” did. With today’s electronic gadgetry at our beck and call, so why do “IT” hard way?

The purpose of impact may be the intersection where the “accident” happens, preciously when & in which the mind of a golf club iron slams in to the unsuspecting dimpled sphere sitting with patience on the wooden pedestal! This is where the sperm and also the egg embrace.

Steer clear of the camera at this lightening fast blur and steal all we are able to from that dash of your time reaping the bag filled with priceless rare jewels. At lengthy last the mysteries from the gifted are distributed to we less fortunate mortal souls…i.e. ideas to transform our inept golf swings into incredible ball crushing machinery. The rabbit is pulled in the magician’s hat. Now that we know just how much the golfers knee flexes at this small-moment, left and right elbow shape, spine torque, wrist flex, grip pressure, lower to torso X-factor, shoulder ratio & it’s relationship to hard or soft spikes, the response of titanium versus platinum heads, & fiber strands versus cold folded steel shafts!

Today’s designer swings, single axle, double clutching, rubber burnin’, nitro fuel powered united nations -natural golf swings would be the brain child from the golf industry more particularly the teaching golf instructor, playboy writer, the Golf Funnel, the circus barker & the vizored chap using the pencil thin mustache & Chesterfield cigarette running the covering game. So brazen, they take advantage of with no mask and therefore are oblivious towards the moving video security cameras. This brain washing approach makes plenty of people…..plenty of wampum.

If you have been sucker punched into falling for his or her lunacy, shame for you, enjoy your remain in no-mans land and obtain set to havin’ yo’ butt whopped by individuals using good sense.

The functional period of time which will go lower ever should, hereafter, be known as the Golden Chronilogical age of Your Golf Swing… before computers, high-speed film and all sorts of other gadgets which were Not used at all through the classic swingers & absolutely don’t affect how your golf swing truly functions. For you personally see, Mr.Good Sense, your golf swing is much too quick for all of us mortals to effect the alterations the Golf Industry Thieves are pitching at us. They keep using their marketing approach because “we purchase it.” “The wealthy get wealthy and also the poor golfer will get poorer, meanwhile, among time “Ain’t they were given Fun? & money to lose!”

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