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Don Imus “Nappy-Headed Hos”

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Don Imus – “nappy-headed hos”

April 10, 2007

Don Imus characterised the winning women’s basketball group of Rutgers as “nappy-headed hos.” That’s going far too far for me.

So why do guys like Don Imus get carried away? Could it be to stir people up so that he’ll be the main attraction and gain much more publicity? Just how can such remarks emerge from an individual’s mouth if they’re not grown insidewithin all?

You realize for me whatever pleasure and feeling of achievement the ladies felt for his or her hard dedication and work required to become winners has become overshadowed through the hurtful remark by Don Imus. I wouldn’t wish to be accountable for that shift from pleasure to harm. An apology cannot take that away.

Just whenever we think we reside in a country where individuals are equal, someone like Don Imus arrives so we realize, we don’t. Categories of people and people are designated due to their race or religion or their current address. I’m able to connect with this because My home is West Virginia, Appalachia, where we’re frequently known as “hillbillies” inside a negative way.

Individuals slurs are difficult to beat. To begin with, you do not really realise why individuals have separated you against others and just what provides them the authority to judge why is you different? Could they be insulting you from your appearance, how you dress, the colour of the epidermis, texture of the hair or perhaps your dialect? What gives these folks the authority to single you out of trouble for these reasons? How about them?

Individuals who contain the public’s attention have a huge role. Lou Dobbs on Hello America today, April 10, 2007, appears to consider an apology might be adequate since Don Imus does charitable organization work with children. The same is true charitable organization work block out racial slurs? I guess cash is the deciding factor. Assuming people stop supporting individuals who sponsor Don Imus, then, “no” charitable organization work doesn’t counterbalance the remark “nappy-headed hos.”

I recall a really hurtful remark designed to me once by an essential, winning coach inside my senior high school. I am sure the remark was forgotten a couple of minutes after it had been uttered through the girls’ basketball coach however it has remained beside me many years. I had been within the ninth grade and large-boned and tall in my age. It appears the women were shorter as well as slighter build then. I wasn’t overweight however a healthy size and 5’8″ within the ninth grade. I wasn’t very sports, I suppose in the remark that was, “You will be able to perform a much more than these around the basketball court, in the end, you’re a big, healthy, country girl.” I had been elevated in the united states, healthy and tall – three a few things i wanted so anxiously to deny, he introduced out before 50 of my peers. I haven’t forgotten individuals words.

But individuals test is and not the worse factor which has became of me, the thing is, My home is West Virginia. My home is Appalachia. When individuals test is uttered outdoors the location, a warning sign rises a minimum of in people’s minds. For whatever reason, the folks of West Virginia and Appalachia are designated for insults regularly. Whenever you leave this region, you instantly shift in to the fight mode to protect your region as well as your people. I haven’t yet realise why people outdoors this region feel they’ve the authority to insult and set lower someone according to their current address. Which brings me to the remark by Don Imus calling the women’s basketball team at Rutgers “nappy-headed hos.” That insult pertains to someone similar to “hillbillies” is used to individuals who reside in West Virginia and Appalachia.

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